Debunking Common Tummy Tuck Myths

Jul 10, 2021 | Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is designed to recontour the abdominal region. It effectively tightens abdominal skin and tissues, as it eliminates excess fats that cause the skin to sag. The population of people undergoing it has increased immensely showing growth in its awareness. However, there are several myths that are believed to be associated with tummy tuck surgery. Such myths relay the wrong information about tummy tuck, therefore must be debunked. This article consists of common tummy tuck myths.

1. Tummy Tuck has to be performed together with Liposuction

Different patients have different abdominal conditions that require different types of treatment. Some patients have too much sagging abdominal skin, while others have minimal skin to get rid of. With the several advanced tummy tuck techniques, such as the extended, full, and mini tummy tuck, each procedure is uniquely performed to help you achieve your desired results. In a case where liposuction is needed, but the individual doesn’t want to, one could consult the surgeon for other options that will perfectly work.

2. Tummy Tuck is an alternative to lose weight

Most people mistake tummy tuck surgery as a means to lose weight. They develop the urge to undergo tummy tuck for significant weight loss. A tummy tuck is a treatment that restores the abdominal contours bringing back a flatter profile. It is professionally done to assist individuals suffering from low self-esteem and discrimination. To be able to lose weight through tummy tuck surgery, you should be near your target weight before going into surgery.

3. Tummy Tuck is only meant for women

Over the years, tummy tuck surgery has had the largest number of patients being females. This being the case has made most people, and the world at large, believe that tummy tuck surgery is meant for women. This is a misconception that needs to be debunked. There are men who undergo massive, rapid weight loss which leaves their abdominal skin sagging, hence making them uncomfortable. Tummy tuck surgery can help them correct their damaged abdominal profile by tightening and eliminating excess skin, and fats that make the skin loose.

4. Tummy Tuck is meant for women who are done giving birth

It is believed that for one to undergo tummy tuck surgery, she must be through with giving birth. Well, tummy tuck surgery doesn’t alter your ability to give birth at any point. It only changes your abdominal figure to be flat, smooth, and even. It is only logical to want to look attractive when you make your own money, so why should you punish yourself with a sagging tummy when you could correct it instead? Young women should realize that tummy tuck is a perfectly approved procedure to help restore a damaged abdomen, and not fear undergoing it.

Although one could have a tummy tuck surgery before pregnancy, surgeons advise patients to proceed with the surgery after giving birth because pregnancy will damage the outcome of the surgery.

5. A sagging belly can be corrected through exercises

Exercises help keep our bodies in shape. They activate our muscles and enable us to lose weight and excess fats. However, exercises cannot be able to bring together separated abdominal muscles, and tissues destroyed by tummy stretching from pregnancy, or weight loss. These factors completely damage the skin, and the underlying muscles hence leaving them loose. The only treatment for excess sagging skin is tummy tuck surgery and its alternatives.

6. Tummy tuck leaves one with huge, visible scars

The belief most people have is that like any other surgery, a tummy tuck will leave behind huge, visible scars which can make people discriminate against them. Before you believe so, remember that tummy tuck is a major surgery that is performed by a well-trained, and experienced surgeon who knows just the right locations to place the incisions. These locations are discreet and can be easily covered by a bikini line for as long as it’s needed.

7. Tummy tuck will eliminate all my stretch marks

If you want to have a tummy tuck with the purpose of eliminating your stretch marks, then you may be disappointed after surgery. It is true that tummy tuck can eliminate abdominal stretch marks, but only in the region that is being treated. Any other stretch marks present in the abdomen in the regions not being treated will still be present after surgery.

8. There is an appropriate age to undergo tummy tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is helpful to men and women of all ages. There is no particular age that is restricted for a person to have a tummy tuck surgery. As long as you have excess abdominal skin and fats that make the skin sag, you are a perfect candidate for tummy tuck surgery.

9. Surgical drains must always be used after tummy tuck

Surgical drains are used to prevent fluid buildup after surgery. Most tummy tuck procedures use surgical drains after surgery, but this is not always the case. Their use depends on the intensity of your surgical procedure. If you have too much skin and fat to shed, your procedure would be very invasive hence the need for surgical drains, likewise, if you have minimal skin and fats to eliminate, surgical drains would be very unnecessary. With the help of your surgeon, you would be able to understand whether your procedure will require the use of surgical drains or not.


Tummy tuck myths and misconceptions have corrupted the minds of a large population of people. This makes some of them want this surgery because of what they believe it will do for them, instead of facing the reality of what it’s really about. It is therefore very necessary to debunk all these myths for clarity about this procedure.