How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Jun 18, 2021 | Breast Augmentation

For your breast implant surgery in Monmouth County to be successful, there are several things one would have to do to ensure that. This includes cutting off some of the activities that might put us at risk of having post-surgery complications. As we know, breast augmentation surgery is done to enhance the appearance of the breasts, which is achieved either through fat and tissue transfer, or positioning of breast implants. To help you adequately prepare, this article entails guidelines that will smoothen your surgical procedure.

The Beginning Phase

1. Do More Research Regarding this Surgery

After you have decided that breast augmentation is the deal for you, meaning you are certain that you want to push through with the surgery at any cost, it would be wise to conduct more research about it. This would help you familiarize yourself with the steps, risks, complications, and successes that might result in the end.

2. Develop a Positive Physical and Emotional Stand

A positive physical and emotional stand means having a healthy, stable weight, realistic expectations, overall good health, and being through with breastfeeding for at least 3 months. Remember that the outcome of your surgery is greatly dependent on your physical and emotional condition. Therefore, this shows that you should absolutely feel good about this surgery. Research proves that women with a positive physical and emotional stand have a higher chance of experiencing a smooth, and quick recovery. This is why doctors advise patients planning to undergo breast augmentation to surround themselves with supportive friends and family who care and love them.

3. Find a Qualified Surgeon

A qualified surgeon will perform quality surgery which will have quality results. This is because he is familiar with all types of procedures, and has gained extensive knowledge and experience to handle any arising matter before and after surgery. To find the best qualified surgeon, find one who is certified by the board of certified plastic surgeons.

4. Plan your Finances

We are aware that plastic surgery is quite expensive because of the complex procedures it involves. Therefore, you would have to plan your finances early enough to be able to cover the cost of surgery. If you have medical insurance, find out if it could cover part or the whole cost of surgery.

5. Find a Friend or Family Member to Help you

Surgery is a tough process to face alone. You would need to find a friend or family member to be there for you throughout the steps. Before surgery, he/she would be your source of strength, and support, and after surgery, he/she would help you perform several chores around the house such as caring for your kids. Likewise, she would act as your driver before and after surgery which is a recommendation from the surgeon to have someone take, and pick you up after surgery.

Going Into Surgery

As your time of surgery nears, you are advised to maintain a healthy diet, regular exercises, and have plenty of rest. Here are some instructions to guide you.

  • Always follow your surgeon’s instructions to the letter.
  • Let your surgeon be aware of any kinds of medications, supplements, illnesses, vitamins, and all other sorts of things you may have which may hinder the surgery from going on smoothly as expected.
  • Stop all consumption of alcohol at least three to one week before surgery.
  • Avoid all kinds of smoking be it cigarettes, nicotine, and marijuana at least two to four weeks before and after surgery. Smoking of any form may have adverse effects on your surgery which may lead to serious complications.
  • Stop using all blood thinner medications such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Aleve, and Advil at least three weeks before surgery. Likewise, avoid using any supplements such as Omega-3, Vitamin E, and Garlic. All these interfere with the blood’s normal ability of forming clots. Suppose you are on blood thinner drug prescriptions such as Lovenox and Coumadin, inform your surgeon earlier enough.
  • Stay in a healthy and hygienic environment. You wouldn’t want to fall ill before your surgery.
  • Ensure that you undergo all necessary blood tests, diagnostic tests, and any other tests the surgeon would recommend.

Make Suitable Post-Surgery Arrangements

Post-surgery arrangements are meant to reduce the workload that would have been there coming out of surgery. You wouldn’t be pleased if you found things messy which would stress you out. Here are some tips to help in your arrangement.

  • Arrange for your transportation to and from the hospital.
  • Get enough time off work.
  • Buy some post-operative garments that are nice, loose and comfortable. They should especially zip, or button up front wise which makes it easier to put on and take off.
  • Buy compression bras that will help keep your breasts intact as they heal. They should be of the right size, not too small, and not too big.
  • Find a friend or family member to stay with you at least for two days before surgery, including the night before surgery.
  • Arrange for your kids and pet care. You will need help after surgery since you won’t be able to bend down, or lift heavy items.
  • Put your house in order. This includes doing the laundry, washing the dishes, stocking light but healthy meals which will be easier to cook and eat, paying pending bills, and sorting out any other important matter which would need your consent.
  • Design your little heaven at a place convenient enough. This would be where you would spend most of your time while recovering. It should have a raised table where you can place your medicines, tissue, vitamins, entertainment items, and phone easily, and still be able to retrieve them
  • Fill your prescriptions prior before time by stocking up on gauze, ice packs, vitamins, and any other items recommended by your surgeon.
  • Make complete payments. Remember that the surgery should be fully paid for before actually going into surgery.

The Day before Surgery

The day before surgery gives you an opportunity to double check everything. Here is a list to guide you.

  • Clean your house to include the laundry, clothes, and dishes.
  • Fuel up your car.
  • Set your post-operative garments at an easily accessible area.
  • Loosen jar lids.
  • Set up an account with Netflix, YouTube, and any other source of entertainment that will keep you entertained.
  • Start practicing to lay on your back while propping pillows for an upright posture.
  • Dispose of all garbage.
  • Have your ice packs, gel packs, or frozen backpacks ready in case any swelling occurs, as well as a heating pad in case you experience back pains.
  • Pack up the necessary items you would want to bring with you to surgery. This may include your phone, tissue, extra cash, and a water bottle.
  • Organize your bathroom in such a way that the toilet paper, toothpaste, hair brush, make up, and contact lenses are at an easily accessible area.
  • Carry on with your prescribed medications as advised by the surgeon. Those you are unsure of, always consult.
  • Eat and drink plenty of water during the day, except at night, 8 hours before surgery. Keep in mind that on the day of surgery, you are expected to have an empty stomach to prevent food from regurgitating which might cause serious complications.
  • Lastly, have a good night’s sleep.

The Day of Surgery

This is a list of things to do before going in for surgery.

  • Bath using basic soap and water.
  • Do not apply body lotions, hairspray, makeup, nail polish, contact lenses, or body spray. In simple terms, go as you are.
  • Brush your teeth without swallowing any water.
  • Do not take any medications. If there is any, bring them with you to the hospital.
  • Get to the hospital on time. Most surgeons recommend arriving at the hospital two hours before surgery to leave more time for last minute tests and check-ups.
  • Put on loose, comfortable clothing which is easy to remove and put back on after surgery.
  • If you have any unanswered questions, bring them with you to the hospital.
  • Trust your surgeon and trust the process for amazing results.


Preparing for a breast augmentation surgery takes a lot of steps which requires one to start early. Follow all the tips in this article and get prepared for your surgery.