Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation

Jul 5, 2021 | Breast Augmentation

Fat grafting is a technique whereby a qualified plastic surgeon uses fat from other parts of your body to enlarge, or uplift the breasts. It is different from the normal breast augmentation procedures which use saline and silicone implants to enhance the breasts. This fat is harvested through liposuction technique, then converted into liquid form that is injected inside the breasts for positive breast reconstruction. Since this is a non-invasive procedure, fat grafting for breast augmentation can work for most women because it uses fat from their own bodies.

Steps Involved in the Procedure

Fat grafting for breast augmentation technique involves a few non-complex steps. These include

1. Use of an anesthesia injection

The surgeon would administer an anesthesia injection which will help numb the pain before fat grafting begins. The anesthesia to be used may be local along with sedative medicines.

2. Harvesting of tissue fats

Tissue fat harvesting is done by the surgeon. He will inject the area where fat is to be extracted from with an anesthesia injection. Thereafter, a tiny incision would be made, and a syringe would be used to extract the fat.

3. Cleansing and transfer

Before the extracted fat is repositioned within the breast, it will have to be cleansed, or purified. When this is done, it will be transferred into small syringes that will be used to deposit them into the breasts.

4. Positioning

Before this fat is deposited inside the breasts, the surgeon will prepare the site that will receive these injections. Then, he will pass each needle in and out of the prepared area carefully as he deposits the fat as expected. These injections may have to be repeated several times so that the desired results may be obtained.

Ideal Candidates for Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation

Fat grafting is most suitable for women between the ages of 30 and 35. Like any other cosmetic surgery, one has to have overall good health with no complicated medical history. She should have realistic expectations, not be a smoker, and must be one who knows what she wants.

1. Irregular breasts

The condition whereby the breasts lack shape can be brought about by several factors. These include post-pregnancy and breastfeeding effects when one suffers from breast-related ailments, aging, weight gain, smoking, and gravitational pull effects. Fat grafting can fill up the breasts hence restoring the shape.

2. Capsular contracture effects

Capsular contracture is a complication that is associated with breast implants. Consequently, women who have had breast implants positioned before, and have suffered from capsular contracture even after undergoing breast augmentation revision surgery could work best with the fat grafting technique. At this time, they would not prefer breast implants again.

3. Excess body fats

Women with fatty areas of the body such as the hips, and small breasts could opt for fat grafting.

4. Those willing to go through with the procedure

Any surgery that one decides to go through with must be done so willingly. No one should be forced into anything they don’t want to do. Sit down by yourself, contemplate and ask yourself your reasons for wanting to go through with this surgery.

Potential Locations to Harvest Fat From

Fat grafting can harvest fat not just from one area of the body. It could be done in multiple locations, as long as the areas have been carefully examined and have been deemed fit for the procedure. This fat is extracted through the liposuction technique. Areas include.

  • The abdominal region
  • The outer thighs
  • The inner thighs
  • Love handles
  • Flank
  • Arms

After fat harvesting, the surgeon will refine and concentrate the tissues with the help of a centrifuge which will remove oil, blood, and water.

Risks and Complications associated with Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation

Fat grafting may have several risks and complications. These include:

1. Excessive bleeding

Since fat grafting may interfere with several body parts, the chances that one may experience excessive bleeding are higher.

2. Infections

The chances of getting infections after this surgical procedure are higher. Keep in mind that you would have several wounds and incisions which would need serious care and attention. They should also be kept clean at all times.

3. Scarring

Scars are bound to remain when one’s wounds and incisions heal.

4. Uneven results

The breasts after this surgery may come out uneven. This is because the surgeon may have placed too much, or too little fat inside them.

5. Irregularities

Irregularities include the formation of lumps inside the breasts, changes in the breast’s texture, and breast profile. These may occur after this surgery.

The Benefits of Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation

Some of the benefits brought about by fat grafting include

1. It improves the shape of the breasts

Irregular breasts are able to sufficiently regain their shape since the fat deposited inside them fills them up.

2. It can correct sagging breasts

The fat tissues deposited inside the breasts provide a filling effect that makes the breasts firm and tight. This way, sagging breasts are corrected along with the breast’s profile.

3. It is a more natural procedure

Fat grafting is more natural compared to normal breast augmentation techniques since it uses fat from one’s own body. There is no use of artificial saline and silicone breast implants which the breast tissues may reject causing complications.

4. It can cover existing breast implants

This is true especially for women with very minimal breast tissue. The fat tissues deposited add more tissue to the breasts which completely covers existing breast implants.

5. It is a long-lasting procedure

Fat grafting is considered a permanent technique. It does not involve any need for breast revision surgery to change breast implants over time.

6. Uses minimal incisions hence minimal scarring

Fat grafting technique involves the use of tiny syringes to deposit fat tissues within the breasts. It is a less-invasive procedure hence leaves very minimal scars behind.

Recovery from Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation

Recovery from fat grafting technique is entirely dependent on the number of areas the surgeon harvested fat tissues from. These areas will most likely swell and scar as they heal, as well as the breast. There would be slight, or minimal pain felt after surgery for the first two weeks. One should be able to resume their normal activities within a week’s time, and exercise within two weeks’ time. It is advisable to give the breasts, and your body in general enough time to rest by sleeping to facilitate a fast, smooth, and effortless recovery. You will be required to sleep in the back position to avoid exerting excess pressure on the breasts.


Fat grafting for breast augmentation technique is the best surgical procedure, other than the use of breast implants. Its results are sweet and admirable with the whole process involving natural products.