Cost of Plastic Surgery in New Jersey

Nov 19, 2021 | Blog

Preparing for plastic surgery in Monmouth County NJ? Financing the procedure is one of the key things you need to think about. The majority of plastic surgery treatments are considered elective and thus are not covered by health insurers. This post highlights some of the factors that will influence the total cost of your plastic surgery.

1. Type of procedure

The type of plastic surgery procedure you’re looking to have will have a profound impact on how much you pay for the treatment. Major treatments such as a full facelift will go for as much as $12,000 while simple cosmetic procedures such as a lip implant can cost as little as $2,500. Basically, the more complex the procedure is, the more you can expect to pay for it.

2. The extensiveness of the procedure

The extensiveness of the procedure will also have a profound impact on how much you pay for it. For instance, a mini tummy tuck (the least invasive type of surgical abdominoplasty) can go for around $5,000 whereas a circumferential tummy tuck could cost as much as $15,000. That is why it is important you do not make assumptions about the cost of the surgery based on national averages. Make a visit to your plastic surgeon’s office so that you can get a cost breakdown that is individualized to your needs.

3. Location

Your geographic area will have a bearing on the cost of your surgery. Patients in densely populated urban areas can expect to pay more for aesthetic surgery compared to those in sparsely populated areas.

4. Surgeon’s experience

Surgeons who are more experienced can be expected to charge more compared to those who are newer in the industry. Working with a highly seasoned and qualified surgeon can however go a long way to ensure that you get a satisfactory outcome. During your initial consultation visit with your plastic surgeon, look for board certification and ask about their experience in the specific procedure that you are interested in.

5. Access to facilities

In most cases, patients need to pay a surgical facility fee (which is separate from the surgeon’s fee). This to cover the cost of the in-office operating room or the third-party accredited surgical center that is used to perform the procedure.

6. Anesthesia-related fees

Anesthesiologist fees are typically considered to be a separate charge. Just like plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists who are more qualified and experienced tend to ask for higher fees (thus driving up the cost of your surgeon).

7. Medications and follow up

Patients often need medication (e.g., painkillers and antibiotics) after plastic surgery. You may also need to pay for recovery supplies such as compression garments and support bras. Follow-up appointments (which are needed to monitor your progress) also come at an additional fee that needs to be considered when calculating the total cost of your plastic surgery.

8. Future appointments

Most patients can expect to attain satisfactory results following their initial plastic surgery procedure. In some unfortunate cases, however, patients may feel unhappy with the outcome. In this case, you may need to see a separate surgeon for a revision procedure. This would be a separate corrective surgery that can dramatically increase the total amount that you end up paying for your plastic surgery treatment.

Important tips to keep in mind

Undergoing cosmetic surgery can be a life-altering event. While the cost is an important consideration, keep in mind that the outcome you get may last for the rest of your life. The highest priority should be placed on finding the most qualified Monmouth County plastic surgeon to do the job. The following tips may help:

  • Find a plastic surgeon who is immensely experienced in the specific aesthetic surgery that you are interested in.
  • Find a plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with and who inspires confidence.
  • It is important that you ask any questions and clearly convey your goals to the plastic surgeon before you choose to move forward with the procedure.
  • Make sure that the plastic surgery will be performed at an accredited surgical facility.
  • Be careful about physicians who offer pricing that is significantly lower than national or regional averages.
  • Ask if the price that is quoted for you covers all expenses (this is important so you avoid hidden fees and get a complete sense of what you can expect to pay for the treatment).

During your initial consultation visit to Dr. Vemula’s office, our team will answer your questions and provide an individualized cost estimate based on your precise treatment requirements.