How to Find the Right Plastic Surgeon for your Breast Procedure

Jun 9, 2021 | Breast Augmentation

A successful breast procedure requires the skills and experience of a highly qualified surgeon such as Dr. Rahul Vemula. Breast surgical procedures are major, and they may involve serious risks. To minimize these, you may start by taking your time to look for the best surgeon. He should be someone trustable, straightforward, understanding, and one who shares your aesthetic goals. Here are tips to guide you on how to find the right surgeon.

1. Must be Board Certified

The most important factor to look for in your surgeon is if he is board certified. All plastic and cosmetic surgery surgeons are certified and approved either by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, or The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. For clarity, there is the ABPS website to check from. A surgeon who is board certified has had extensive learning and training in regards to breast surgical procedures and can be able to handle any kind of issue that may arise while the surgery is in progress, or later after surgery. He is skilled in every perspective and can ascertain that you will obtain your desired results.

2. Must be Experienced

The right surgeon must be experienced in breast surgical procedures. He should be one who performs them as often as possible. To find this out, ask the surgeon about his experience. Go the extra mile and request to see his before and after photos of the surgeries he has performed. Remember that he would have to choose the right size, shape, and type of breast implants that would help you obtain your desired goals for surgery.

3. Must be Honest

In most cases, surgeons tell their patients what they want to hear, therefore avoiding the truth. Your surgeon should be able to tell you the truth about your breast surgical procedure at all costs. Generally, honesty is the best way to prepare you physically, mentally, and psychologically for your breast surgical procedure. It also makes one have realistic expectations.

4. Go Through their Website

A board-certified surgeon, who is well renowned for his skills and experience must have an online website. In here, you would likely find all the remarks, both positive and negative, as well as the complaints left behind by his patients. Ensure that you take your time to go through, maybe you might find something that will draw your attention. In terms of complaints, check for any disciplinary actions that may have been taken against him, if his license had been revoked, or for any other thing that may interest you.

5. Find out More About the Facility

A surgeon’s facility should be well maintained and equipped. This includes having state licensure, backup generator in case of power supply is cut off, emergency ambulances or equipment in case an alarming matter arises, and should be in good relations with other surgical facilities for them to help when the alarming issue cannot be handled within the facility. In other words, the facility should be accredited. To confirm this, you could check through the American College of Surgeons website.

6. Communicate with other Patients he has Operated on, or with any other Patients who Have Undergone this Surgery

Direct communication with other patients gives you first-hand information. It provides a wider platform for you to get more information regarding your potential surgeon. This way, you would know what they liked about the surgeon, what they didn’t like, and their experiences with the surgeon together with his staff, as well as the outcome of their surgeries. Also, it enables you to acquire more information about other potential surgeons that may interest you to check them out.

7. Go to a Consultation Well Prepared

Consultation serves a lot of purposes to a patient. Here is where you will be able to ask the surgeon all the questions that you need answers to and be able to clearly understand what your breast surgical procedure entails. The surgeon should be able to engage you in an honest, open conversation where you would share your aesthetic goals, and he should be able to tell whether it can be achieved or not. As much as you would ask him all those questions, he is supposed to ask you a variety of other questions such as your reasons for wanting to go through with the surgery, and so on. In the end, make sure that you know what to expect before and after surgery, that you perfectly understand what the surgery is about, and importantly, that you have made up your mind about your ideal surgeon.


Finding the right surgeon is a long process that needs patience and understanding. Evaluate the above points to help you find your right surgeon.