Aftercare Tips after Breast Implant Surgery

Jul 5, 2021 | Breast Augmentation

You probably did a lot to ensure that your breast cosmetic surgery went according to plan. Proper care is important after breast implant surgery is just as important. How you care for your wounds, incisions, and breasts in general, will determine how fast your recovery will be, and your ability to resume normal activities effectively. It begins immediately after you come out of surgery, and carries on all the way until full recovery is attained, depending on your surgeon’s evaluation. This article explains aftercare tips to facilitate a quicker recovery.

Immediately after Surgery

Once your surgical procedure is through, your surgeon together with his team will transfer you to a separate room. Here, you will be closely monitored to ascertain that there are no complications. Since breast implant surgery is an outpatient procedure, chances are that you would be discharged to return home. Breast implant surgery involves an anesthesia injection that helps numb the pain during surgery. When this injection begins to wear off, you will likely experience nausea and vomiting. As part of aftercare post-surgery, your surgeon will administer, and prescribe anti-nausea medications. For the pain, he would also administer, and prescribe medications such as over-the-counter medicines to help minimize pain.

Hours after Surgery

At this time, your ride home will have been informed by the hospital staff to come to get you. This is because you will not be in a state to drive yourself due to the pain, and nausea from the anesthetic injection. Also, you will likely experience tightness at your breasts which would make you uncomfortable, and they would be covered by a bandage to support them.

At Home

Home is where you would spend most of your time while recovering. It is important for it to be top in hygiene, comfortable enough, and surrounded by people who care and support you.

– Have someone stay home with you for the first few days as you adjust to your new normal. Remember that you would need a lot of assistance around the house since you would not be at your best ability.

– Ensure to get a lot of sleep and rest. Sleep and rest is essential for a faster and smooth recovery. It helps calm, and relax the muscles and nerves that may have been affected during the surgery restoring them to their initial state. The best sleeping position at this point would be sleeping on your back. You could prop pillows beneath your knees, and back to feel more comfortable. At all times, avoid sleeping on your sides, or on your stomach as this would cause unnecessary pressure to build up within the breasts which may cause further complications.

– Maintain cleanliness, and general hygiene always. You would be having wounds that are yet to heal. Cleanliness and proper hygiene would keep away all kinds of dirt, bacteria, fungi, or viruses that would cause infections on the wounds hindering smooth recovery.

– Put on loose, comfortable clothing at all times. Loose clothing is easy to remove, and put back on without involving any unnecessary movements that may affect the breasts. They are very comfortable since they do not stick to the bandages or the wounds.

– Avoid putting on your normal bras at any time. Doctors advise their patients after surgery to always have on recovery bras. They go a long way in facilitating a smooth and fast recovery process.

– Do not completely immerse yourself in the water yet. This prevents you from wetting the bandages, therefore wetting the incision sites which may complicate the recovery process.

– Take all prescribed medications without fail. Any medication prescribed by your surgeon is meant to help you in one way, or the other. It is therefore important to ensure that all of them are properly taken and at the appropriate time.

– Build your body system by eating light, and healthy meals. After surgery, you will likely lack the appetite to eat, probably because of the medications you would be taking. Light meals are easy to prepare, and eating requires less effort.

– Drink plenty of water. Water is essential to living things. It performs several functions in the body such as keeping us hydrated and cooling us off when temperatures are high.

– As early as now, avoid engaging yourself in any physical activity. Your body probably would still be weak from the surgery. It needs a lot of rest to recuperate. When you involve it in any physical activity, you might be putting yourself in danger, especially your wounds and incisions. Be patient as you await recovery to be able to participate in any physical activities.

– Always communicate with your doctor. Communicating with your doctor involves sharing all the feelings, and emotions your new implants make you experience. Whether it is pain, joy, fever, any slight movements within the breasts, bleeding, etc. He is your first companion in regards to your surgical journey, and he will be with you till the very end.

– Always attend your post-surgery appointments. These appointments are usually set up to enable the surgeon to monitor your progress keenly.


While you do all these, we wish you a swift, smooth, and fast recovery. Afterward, go out there and walk proudly as you resume your daily activities.