Breast Augmentation Recovery Supplies

Jun 30, 2021 | Breast Augmentation

Early planning for your breast enlargement procedure is important. Stocking up with all the requisite recovery supplies is always a good idea. It helps you prepare everything in the correct order to avoid confusion and chaos. You get to experience a smooth recovery process in your comfortable setting that would have been set up within your house. Also, it is a great way to plan on budget which will help you put every coin into use. Here are some recovery supplies that would go a long way to help you recover.

1. Post-Surgery Outfits

After breast augmentation surgery, it would be difficult to put on your usual clothing. These may be too tight, too short, and uncomfortable. The right post-surgery outfits should be oversized shirts, dresses, pajamas, and sweatpants. They should be able to easily zip, or button up from the front which makes them easy to remove and put on. Also, getting pairs of slippers and thick socks would help.

2. Recovery Foods

Food is important to the body. It provides us with energy to conduct daily activities, vitamins to boost the immune system, and heal wounds, as well as proteins to repair and build worn-out body tissues. After surgery, it would become difficult to prepare and cook heavy meals since they take a lot of time to cook, and digest. To do the trick, stock up on light, healthy meals. These are easy to prepare and to eat.

3. Prescription Medicines and Supplements

Prescription medicines include pain killers, antibiotics, or any other drugs that the surgeon would deem necessary. They will greatly help reduce pain and curb infections for a smoother recovery process. Supplements include vitamins and wound dressings that you would require to take care of the wounds. When you go for a consultation, ask your surgeon for more information in regards to this.

4. Ice Packs

After surgery, you would experience swelling at the incision sites. Stocking on ice packs, frozen peas, blueberries, and raspberries will help reduce swelling.

5. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are among the most essential items to shop for in large amounts. They would be used to clean the wounds, the area around the wounds, and your general body while you still won’t be able to shower.

6. Entertainment Items

These include movies of your genre, magazines, novels, books, and music of your liking. They will keep you entertained throughout your recovery process. For unlimited movie supply if you are a fan, consider joining Netflix which provides unlimited entertainment.

7. Journal

A journal, more of a diary will help you to keep a record of the news and events that interest you while you recover. Maybe after fully healing, you could go through it as you note down the events and shows you missed so that you could catch up on them.

8. A Digital Thermometer

A thermometer is used to measure temperature. Having a digital thermometer around while recovering could assist note any temperature changes you may experience. A higher temperature means that your body is not functioning as required, and vice versa. You could be suffering from infections that would need medical attention immediately.

9. A Heating Pad

Post-surgery, you will likely suffer from backache because of sleeping in an elevated position for a long time. A heating pad would be helpful for use on your back as massage, at the joints, muscles, and soft tissues which could be aching.

10. Recovery Bras

After breast augmentation surgery, it is advisable to always have on a recovery or compression bra. They help hold the breasts in position as they constantly exert the required amount of pressure on the breasts and the implants. Ask your surgeon about the right size and best type of recovery bra to purchase. If possible, get ones that open from the front which makes work easier.

11. Extra Pillows

Pillows are soft, spongy, and provide comfort. After surgery, you will require the help of pillows all-around your house, starting from your bedroom, sitting room, dining room, and at your swimming pool area. Keep in mind that you are supposed to be in an upright position at all times to avoid exerting unnecessary pressure on the breasts. Well, pillows will support you while in this posture.

12. A Pick-up Tool

A pick-up tool will help you grab things that require you to bend in order to reach them. It makes work easier in and around the house.

13. A Hand Mirror

Certainly, you would want to take a glimpse of yourself as often as possible. A hand mirror will make it easier to carry the mirror as you move around the house.


Breast augmentation recovery supplies are very important to plan for earlier enough. It cuts off the last-minute rush which may make one but something unnecessary, or miss to buy something that’s very important. Check with your surgeon for the most essential items that would be needed as you recover.