How to Choose the Right Breast Augmentation Recovery Bras

Jul 17, 2021 | Breast Augmentation

Getting everything organized before cosmetic breast surgery is key to a successful surgical outcome. But it is also important to figure out how to go about the recovery process. Choosing the right breast augmentation recovery bras is a vital step after breast augmentation surgery. This is because these bras go a long way in ensuring your recovery. Of course, you would want to experience a fast, smooth, and successful recovery. The best recovery bras should be the ones you feel most comfortable in, the ones recommended by your surgeon, and the ones that work towards your recovery. These bras should apply a significant amount of pressure on the breasts which helps hold the implants in position, helps reduce the extent of bruising and scarring, and helps reduce the degree of pain felt at the incision sites. When choosing the right breast augmentation recovery bras, here are a few factors to consider.

1. The Surgeon’s Preference

The surgeon is basically the one with all the knowledge about your surgical procedure. Also, he has extensive experience that enables him to handle any arising matter, risks, or complications regarding your surgical procedure. Therefore, this means that he would be the one to best select the right recovery bra for you.

2. Your Incision Sites

Breast augmentation surgery can be performed through several incisions. These include the inframammary crease incisions made at the base of the breasts, the trans-axillary incision made at the underarm region, and the periareolar incision that is made at the junction of the pigmented areolar skin, and the native breast skin. All these types of incisions require special recovery bras that cover all the incision sites as advised by the surgeon.

3. Bra Straps

Bra straps act as anchors for the bra. They help to position, lift, and hold the cups in place so that they do not fall. They vary in width from one recovery bra to the other. Have in mind that the breast sizes change post-surgery as swelling decreases. To be on the safer side, it is wise to get recovery bras with adjustable straps. These would be easy to adjust to fit any position as the breasts heal, and they will always keep you comfortable throughout the whole recovery period.

4. Be Non-Wired

The best post-surgical recovery bras should have no wire. At this time, the breasts are usually numb from the anesthesia injection injected during surgery. Wearing a wired bra might accidentally cut into your breast skin causing complications, which you might not notice until the anesthesia wears off. Also, they could cause irritation to the scar tissues which may be very uncomfortable hindering your breasts from recovering properly.

5. Should Open from the Front

After surgery, during the first few weeks, you will likely experience slight pain in movements of the arms, the back, or any other upper body region. Having a recovery bra that opens from the front would be of great assistance since it would reduce the workload needed to lift your arms, or twist them to your back to get a bra off. In addition, it would require less effort to put on, and you would find it to be very comfortable.

6. Made from Quality Materials

The best recovery bras should be made from quality materials. This means that the material should be synthetic, breathable enough to allow free circulation of air, should keep the breasts dry at all times for the wounds to heal, should be able to dry quickly after washing to avoid any kind of inconvenience, and should be of a soft texture to avoid causing any irritation, or itchiness at the wounds.

7. Should be of the Right Size

Most women confuse their bra sizes because they lack knowledge about the difference between a cup and band sizes. The right recovery bra that perfectly fits should always give the feeling of comfort, should stay in place even when you make sudden movements such as stretching your arms, and should not press onto you too much to the point that it leaves your body with marks. Once you feel that your bra shifts at any slight movement, then you may be wearing the wrong bra size. After a breast augmentation surgery, go for a professional bust measurement to help you know the right bra size for you.

8. Should Support the Breasts and Keep the Implants in Place

After breast augmentation surgery, it is very important to have the breasts in the right position to facilitate fast recovery. This bra should fit snugly and not be too tight. The cups should maximally enclose the breasts leaving a space in the middle that should lie flat on your chest. The middle space in the bra ensures that each breast has enough space to avoid squeezing. In other words, ensure that your bra and breasts work together to provide the best results, not the other way round.

9. The cost

At some point, you must have come across the cliche, cheap is expensive. Well, the best recovery bras come at a higher cost, especially the ones recommended by the surgeon. If you opt to try using any other type because it is less costly, sadly, you would have to face the consequences of your actions. Be optimistic to invest some of your money in the best recovery bras to obtain the best results.


To be able to choose the right breast augmentation recovery bras, you would be required to observe some important factors, just like they are explained in this article. Buy the best, and appropriate recovery bras, then wait for your breasts to heal to enjoy the amazing results you will get.