Do you Need a Breast Augmentation Revision?

Jul 23, 2021 | Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation revision is a surgery that is specifically performed to replace old breast implants with new ones. It is performed by a qualified, experienced, and skilled surgeon to obtain the desired results. As much as different women go for breast augmentation revision surgery, there are several reasons that would prompt such an action. Breast augmentation revision surgery is performed using special methods and techniques which vary from one individual to the other, entirely depending on the type of implants required, and the patient’s concerns. Breast implants are generally expected to last for about 10 years before needing any revision, however, if you experience the following conditions, then it would be time to need one, even if the expected time isn’t yet complete.

1. Pain and Discomfort

The moment your breast implants start causing pain, or discomfort, it would be time to undergo breast augmentation revision. This includes if they are painful when touched, when flexing your muscles, or when making certain movements. Pain is also associated with increased breast sensitivity than usual. It could be due to complications that arise after surgery which require immediate medical attention.

2. Implant Rupture

Implant rupture is a condition that occurs when breast implants begin to leak their fluid into the breast tissues. For saline implants, the leakage is noticeable since they are filled with saline fluid that resembles salt water, whereas silicone implants mostly rupture silently which can go on for a longer period. Once an X-ray has revealed that your breast implants have ruptured, the appropriate step to take would be to plan for a breast augmentation revision surgery.

3. Changes in Personal Preference

This means changing from saline to silicone breast implants, and vice versa. During your first breast augmentation surgery, you might have opted for saline implants, either because they were suitable and blended with the results you desired, or because they were affordable at that time. After staying with them for a period of time, you begin to feel like they do not work for you anymore, therefore the need to have them replaced with silicone breast implants arises. Silicone breast implants are mostly preferred and recommended to women above 22 years. They resemble natural breast tissues making the breasts appear more natural.

4. Shape and Size Changes

Changes in the shape and size of the breasts can be due to various reasons. Some of them include aging, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy. When your breasts change their shape and size, you may find it very unpleasant. These changes can only be corrected by undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

5. Implants have shifted in Position

During a breast augmentation surgery, a surgeon positions the breast implants at a location convenient enough to enhance the breasts appearance. This could be behind the breast muscles, behind the lower half of the breast muscles, or below the chest muscle, especially if the implants are saline. Signs that your breast implants have shifted include when they look visually different from right to left, when they feel different when touched, when they stop being symmetrical, and when the nipples show out of the bikini top, or bra top. To correct this, you would have to go through a breast augmentation revision surgery.

6. Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a condition that occurs when the body negatively reacts to breast implants causing pain, or changes in breast’s shape, size, and sensation. In simple terms, it happens when the scar tissues start to harden and tighten around the breast implants squeezing them. Early symptoms include tightness around the breast implants, firmness, breast pain, asymmetry, and the breasts becoming round, or ball-shaped. It can be corrected through a capsulectomy where the surgeon gets rid of the existing breast implants along with the surrounding tissue capsule, and replaces them with new breast implants wrapped in collagen. Otherwise, one would have to go through breast augmentation revision surgery.

7. Implant Rippling

Implant rippling is a condition that arises when the edges, wrinkles, and folds of the implants become visible through the skin and can be felt. It commonly occurs with saline implants, though silicone implants also have a possibility of rippling. This can be corrected through breast augmentation surgery revision where saline implants are replaced with silicone-gel implants, or when less cohesive silicone-gel implants are replaced with more cohesive ones.

8. Personal Desire to Shift from Large Breasts to Smaller Ones

At a breast augmentation surgery consultation, the surgeon usually asks about the size of implants you would personally prefer. The reality is that most women choose larger implants because they think that the larger the breasts, the more they become attractive and noticeable. Well, larger implants can become heavy causing back pains and discomfort after some time.

They may even cause your breast skin to overstretch which would require a breast lift surgery to correct. In case you made such a decision, and are now facing the consequences, breast augmentation revision surgery could be the remedy. During your breast augmentation revision surgery, your surgeon would be able to replace old large implants with new, smaller implants to give you the natural look you desire, therefore restoring your confidence.

9. Desire of a New Style

Breast implants and breast augmentation surgery techniques are constantly evolving with newer implants and techniques coming up. This includes gummy bear implants, and Ideal implants that are said to be more comfortable, and safe. The new gummy bear implants are made from a thicker and stronger type of silicone, while the ideal implants are improved saline implants that have a unique structure which reduces the risks of rupture. They also make breasts feel more natural. If you wish to advance to these new implants, the best way would be to undergo a breast augmentation revision surgery to replace the old breast implants.


In conclusion, at any point you feel that your breasts aren’t the same as before, visit your surgeon for a check-up. If the case found is severe such that it cannot be ordinarily corrected, undergo a breast augmentation revision surgery to switch things up to amazing results.